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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 7, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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harboo attraction. on fox 45 nees at five.3 33 3 3
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3 3 first on fox...using taxis tooget kids to and from city schools... is beiig called dangerous this morning and under scrutiny after a 7- year-old boy was njured in a cab on his waa to school. school. he concern is coming from advocates at the johns hopkkns children's safety center at the bloomberg hampton house. they're reacting after hearing about douglas dorssy... the second grader who suffered a concussion after his cab, hired by baltiiore city schools, wrecked monday morninn on the way to class. his father learred his son wassnot weariig a seat belt. company managers ay taxis, like school buses, under maryland law... are exempt from requiring passengerssto buckle up.but safety advocates call ttat a daagerous pcircumstance. &prespoosibility as adults, as
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teachers, as administrators, police officcrs, doctors to pook out for safety and to make decisions and policies that priorities the safeey of c" children." school officials have not returned ourrcalls forrcooment. an army private accused in the biggest leak of governmmnt secrets in u-s history will spend more time in courtt couut. bradley mannnng walked into the courthouse wednesday at fort mmade.the judge decided to add more prr-trial hearings and sked prosecutors to hand over some documents manning's lawyerr want 0 of the 22 chaages tossed out. manning is charged with aiding the enemy by downloading thousands of classified documeets to the website trial is scheduled for september. 3 police need your help iientifying the man in theee photos and viddo. he ran from the sceee of an attack in annapolis last month.a woman was walking homeewhen the suspect upposedly pulled her into an alley on duke of &pgllucester street and sexuall
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assaulted her.anyone with call police. 3 a judgeeis expected to make a decision on whetter george huguely should have another trial.. by the end f the month. mooth.huguely was convicted off killing cockeysville native yeardley love.his attorneys mother and sisterrwere planning to file a civil suit aaainst huguely.they say, that shows the family members had a cleer financial bias, and should nevvr hhve testified. george zimmeeman will get a second bond hearing this month... in the shooting deeth of trayvon martin.zimmerman turned himself in sunday... affer a judge revoked his 150- thousaad dollar bond. prosecutors say he lied about his finances at the first bond charged with second degree murder... n the florida teen's death.he claims he hot after the een attacked him. his next hearing is scheduled for june 29th.
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the world has llst one of the greateet authhr's of our time. ray bradbury iss best known for his classic novel, fahrenheit 451. in preddcted the arrival of... a-t-m's... and the idea of broadcasting a high-speed police chase live tt an audience f millions.ideas decades ahead of their time. ray bradbury was 91. six u-s military veterans now have a final resting place in baltimore county. county.the men were buried at druid ridge emetery inn pikesville wednesday.the burial was parr of the u-s anniversary remembrance.the veterrns each receeved full military honors. 12.48.42-53"that'ss hen the tears starteddcoming is when taps started. it's a sad song and it just kind of brooght it all right home, and i tried not to, but it brought it all right home." home..11.58.16i can't think of anything i have done, including my 35 years of than (cut) doing this. this.the six vetans' service the "rrck starss of the
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war of 1812 are finally getting theirrduu at the joel . smith is live there - nno to show us how our country &pwas almmst ot our country without these heroes. good morning joel d. 3
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,3 3 do you know how much your 4-0-1-k is costing you? group "demos"... the averagee american pays nearly 1- hundred-55 thousand dollars in fees... for their 400-k plans over their careers. that's a reduction of tteir eventual nest egg... byymore than á30-percent.ástarting next month... the u-s labor department will begin requiring exttnsive disclosure of all 4-0-1-k charges. this is one you have to see!a mmchigannman suspected of drivinggdrunk is pulled over while riding a stolen wheelchair. utica police caught raymound
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kulma going on a drunken joyridee but as you can see froo this pplice dashcam video, heewasn't behind a wheel of a car -- he was cruising on a motorized wheel chair.he stole it from james konkel outside of a senior living complex, after the two got into an argument. i think he needs to be lockkd &pup for a little while. maybe it will teach him a lesson. 3 the guy's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit... and this was his 77hh d-u-i. new information about president abraham lincoln's doc. doctor.he hadn't been out of medicallsshool for very long, at aal allthe letter the doctor wrote... just after lincoln was shot surraces..hat he says happened... in the president's deeth. ((break 1)) so, you're all set up.
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 99 at 695--fiber--bel
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he was with president lincoln... right after he as s. at all alla letter written by the president's doctor... surffces...what he says happenee... right before the president died. died.and laterrin sports...the orioles look to make it two straight over the red sox... find out if the birds pull it off. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3 o'clock. my daily meeting with a salty snack.
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in boxes at the national archiies. it's a first-hand account of the crucial minutee after linnoln was shot. bbian todd reports it's also handwritten, straightffrward and emotional. emotional. --reporter pkg-as follows -- he was 23-years old, embarking &pon a promising career, and attending a happening event iin washington. sitting at ford's theeter or a production of the play our american cousin, doctor charles leall allo sat on the brink of history. he hadn't been out of medical school for very long, at all,
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so i think this was very certainly this was thrown in at the deep end. helena papaioannou, a researcher with the group 'papers of abraham pincoln', as just made n astounding discovery: a copy of dootor charles eale's handwwitten report, on what he went thrrugh as the first dootor tt get to president lincoln, in the moments after heewas shot. she believes leale may hhve written his "doccor leale was in an ideal position tt try to help. he writes that at the time of the shooting he was sitting in that balcony area where those tourists are right about there, only about 400feet away from lincoln's box." the fatal shot was fired, leale wroteea man of low stature with black to the stage beneath. drr ping - leale rushed toward the the most rivettng parts of the as soon as he gets nto lincoon's booth." whee the door was opened and he saw mary lincoln, leale wrote she exclaiied several times, 'o doctor, do what you can for hii, do what you can!' leale
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wrrte that he sent one man to get wattr, another to get bbandy. he first thouuht lincoln had been taabed because he'd just seen jjhn wilkes booth jump to thhestage with a daggerrin his hand. then he foond where the bullet had entered lincoln's head.. "leale said lincoln's pondition was such, he knew he pondition waould never make ii white house. the only alternative: take him accoss the street to the petersonn house. then they finally bring lincoln into this room in the ssrret and helena, what e happenn then?" they bring hii in here and the bed, not thii bed but they bring him in here and the bed is too small for him. hees a very large guy. he was six-foot-ffur..aad so,,to make him more comforttble, instead of having him hanging off the bed, they lay him diagonaaly across the bed. and leale actually writes about that. at that moment, n account that strikes papaioannou's emotional chord. he talks about how the pressdent's legs, his llwer extremiiies, rrm the knees down, were coll, and they brought im hot water bbttlee and hot blankets, nd i find that a very ttuching partt president's deterioration.. e -
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then: at 7:20 a-m he breathed last line of his report that dr. leale seems o be finally absorbeddin whht just happened to his nation. he writes that, immediately after liicoln's death, quote, e all bowed and the reverend dr. gurrey supplicated to god on bbhhlf of the bereaved family, and todd cnn washington . ----end------nn.script----- coming uu in our 66o'clock hour... linkedin users...the popular social networking site is leaked.but first in sportt...3 find terrell suggs... caught his injury... that could keep . ((break 3))
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bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports.
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another "zombie" attack s making headlines. headlines.what prompted a maa to attack his neighhor... biting off a part of his face. attack..just before the attackk
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